Telecommunications operators in Mozambique have to share infrastructure

20 November 2015

Mozambique’s parliament Wednesday gave general approval to a government proposal to amend the Telecommunications Act that requires operators to share infrastructure, the Mozambican press reported.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Mesquita said on presenting the proposal that technological changes had led to a new paradigm in telecommunications, which was technological convergence.

“This convergence,” the minister said, “involves the use of a single infrastructure that is shared, whereas previously each operator had to have equipment, communication channels and an independent system.”

Mesquita said that this single infrastructure could serve to spread services such as telephone, Internet access, data, images, telephone, television and computer networks.

Mesquita added that under the government proposal, which takes into account the functioning of the telecommunications market and the basic rights of consumers, operators are now obliged to share their infrastructure.

The proposal, which was approved by a majority in general, was forwarded to specialised commissions for further analysis, after which it will again be submitted to the plenary for a final vote. (macauhub/MZ)