General Master Plan drawn up for Luanda Province, Angola

26 November 2015

The General Metropolitan Master Plan for Luanda Province, a planning tool that includes maps for planning, growth and changes to be implemented in the Angolan capital, was approved Wednesday by the Angolan government.

The final statement from the Cabinet meeting said “it is intended through this document to ensure that future public and private investments are in line with a common goal.”

The Plan will organise new construction and projects so that they have a positive effect on the urban area and across the nation’s capital and set out for each municipality the use of available land, roads and social facilities and green areas that must be protected and improved.

Besides the central government, the provincial government, local governments and and public-private institutions are committed to implementing the plan and draw up action plans for the creation of new communities.

These action plans, the statement said, are also aimed intended to add facilities to new urbanisation such as schools, health services, water infrastructure, electricity, telecommunications, industry and trade as well as public transport and green areas.

Luanda is the smallest province in ​​Angola, with 18,826 square kilometres, and Luanda is the most industrialised and fastest growing with a population of over 7 million people. (macauhub/AO)