Two-thirds of companies registered with Angola’s statistics institute had no activity in 2014

1 December 2015

About two-thirds of companies registered at the National Statistics Institute (INE) of Angola at the end of 2014 were inactive, according to a document published on the INE website.

The Business Units File Statistics document (FUE) for 2011 to 2014 indicates that of the 116,800 companies registered only 39,800 were active (34.1 percent of the total), while the majority (64.4 percent) were waiting to start up, or rather, they were registered on the National Register of Legal Entities but were not yet operating.

The FUE also showed that 1,600 companies (1.4 percent) were suspended (due to plant damage or other reasons) and 139 (0.1 percent) had been dissolved.

The INE report also showed that at the end of 2014, Luanda province was home to 55 percent of the total, followed by Benguela province (8.8 percent), Kwanza Sul (5.2 percent), Huila (4.3 percent), Huambo (3.9 percent) and Cabinda (3.6 percent).

This publication “is based on the compilation of FUE Update Survey data, the Harmonised Annual Business Survey and other economic surveys conducted by INE,” and includes “data obtained from the General Business Register, held at INE in several units of the Integrated Service Centre for Citizens (SIAC), the Single Company Window (GUE) and the Single Desk for the Entrepreneur (BUE) extended to the entire country.” (macauhub/AO)