Cabo Verde wants more cooperation with China

3 December 2015

The President of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), Jorge Carlos Fonseca, intends to present new cooperation projects with China during the 6th China/Africa Summit, which begins Friday in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Cape Verdean presidency said in a statement.

The statement, cited by the Cape Verdean press, said the summit was of “great importance” to Cabo Verde, taking into account the historical and cooperative relations between the two countries and a series of projects that will be introduced.

Bilateral cooperation between China and Cabo Verde dates from the independence of the African country (5 July, 1975) and China has carried out large-scale projects in Cabo Verde, such as the palaces of the Assembly and the Government, the National Auditorium, National Library and the National Stadium and the Poilão dam.

China, one of the largest financiers of Cabo Verde development also cooperates in areas such as politics, education, culture, and, after a long period of government cooperation, has now started to support non-governmental organisations.

The head of the Cape Verdean state will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Jorge Tolentino and the Ambassador of Cabo Verde in China, Tania Ramualdo. (macauhub/CN/CV/PT)