Angola is main market for Portuguese construction companies

17 December 2015

In 2014 Angola was the main market for Portuguese construction companies operating in Africa, with works worth 1.915 billion euros, according to the Association of Construction, Public Works and Services (AECOPS).

Second is Malawi, with 506 million euros and third is Mozambique, with works amounting to 400 million euros, according to the publication “Notebooks on Internationalization” (Cadernos da Internacionalização) by that business association.

The publication was launched by AECOPS in 2012 to summarise the presence of the Portuguese construction sector in foreign markets and provide contextual information for companies that already operate there or intend to do so.

Overall, Portuguese construction companies posted turnover of more than 5.6 billion euros abroad in 2014, a figure that represents an increase of 6 percent compared to 2013 and about 3 percent of GDP and 8 percent of Portugal’s total exports.

AECOPS stressed that Africa (especially Angola, Malawi and Mozambique) remained the main destination for Portuguese construction companies (63 percent of total turnover equivalent to 3.6 billion euros). (macauhub/AO/MZ/PT)