Cabo Verde seeks partner for flagship airline

23 December 2015

The government of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) by the end of the year will review the situation of flagship airline Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV), the prime minister said, stressing the need to find a partner to solve the company’s problem.

José Maria Neves gave assurances, however, that his government would continue to support TACV, particularly now that the Cape Verdean carrier has been suspended from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Clearing House.

The prime minister, speaking on the sidelines of the 4th Meeting of Young Cape Verdean Researchers, which will run until Sunday at Lisbon’s Universidade Lusófona, said this new problem would not affect the airline’s flights, especially in the Christmas period.

He said the Cape Verdean government was awaiting completion of some studies on the real situation of TACV to then “try to find a credible partner to solve definitively the issue of the airline.”

The suspension from the International Air Transport Association Clearing House, later confirmed by the company’s chairman, João Pereira Silva, means that TACV now has to make all payments in cash or in advance.

Silva lamented the situation that is related to the fact that TACV’s security deposit at the Clearing House has been exhausted, saying that it causes cash flow problems as well as issues of image and trust. (macauhub/CV)