Chinese ambassador guarantees support for Guinea-Bissau will continue

11 January 2016

The Chinese ambassador in Guinea-Bissau, Wang Hua, reaffirmed the willingness of his country to continue this year to support the Guinean government in combating poverty and hunger, according to statements made Friday in Bissau.

At the end of an audience granted by the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, Carlos Correia, the ambassador said some measures had been defined in the framework of bilateral cooperation and gave assurances that such cooperation would be enhanced and extended in the coming years.

Wang Hua also promised that China will start in Guinea-Bissau, during the first quarter of 2016, some energy sector projects as well as building an artisanal fishing complex in Alto Bandim on the outskirts of Bissau.

These projects, according to the ambassador, follow on from the fulfilment of the promises made to the President of Guinea-Bissau, José Mário Vaz, by his Chinese counterpart at the China/Africa summit held recently in South Africa.

At the time, the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Communities, Suzi Barbosa acknowledged that China had been a great partner of Guinea-Bissau, and pointed out some of the facilities built in the country, including the National Assembly, National Football Stadium, Sino/Guinean Friendship Hospital and the Palace of Justice, which is due to be delivered soon. (macauhub/CN/GW)