Mozambican shrimp production in 2016 expected to be close to last year’s level

11 January 2016

Production of shrimp, one of Mozambique’s main exports, this year should be around 3,000 tons, which is similar to the amount planned for 2015, said a source from the Ministry of Fisheries.

The source also told Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, it would be unwise to increase the shrimp catch from the Sofala bank, which is the richest shrimp fishing area in the country, and therefore the fishing quotas had been kept the same as last year.

Thus, shrimp caught at sea is expected to remain at 276.5 tons of which 238 tons for the artisanal fisheries and 36.5 tonnes for industrial and semi-industrial fishing.

The difference of 3,000 tons is “roughly” guaranteed by the aquaculture industry which will contribute a minimum of 400 tons and the individual small-scale sector with at least 1,500 tons.

Overall, the fisheries sector this year will register an estimated production increased of 4.8 percent, derived from the investments made ​​in the construction of six small-scale fish farms and 548 fish tanks. (macauhub/MZ)