Macau Secretary for Transport and Public Works lists difficulties in the sector

19 January 2016

“Lack of space, lack of time, lack of staff and lack of efficiency” are the four major difficulties that need to be overcome by the Secretary for Transport and Public Works to be successful fulfil his term of office as a member of the Macau government, according to statements made to newspaper Exmoo News.

Raimundo Arrais do Rosário returned to Macau in December 2014 after an absence of 15 years, during which he was head of the Macau Economic and Commercial Delegation in Lisbon and to the European Union in Brussels as well as the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The secretary is responsible for a sector which has 3,400 employees “with an immense workload,” and in 2015 his office received just over 10,000 complaint letters about delays in processing applications from developers or other people.

Rosário recalled that the administrative processes are, by nature, “slow”, as there are different departments that have to rule on the same subject and, although they have to respond within 30 days, sometimes there are delays.

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works stressed that Macau had two major problems in terms of the environment, in particular how to deal with solid waste and what to do to cars that are taken off the roads.

Macau has an area of just 30 square kilometres, 400 kilometres of roads and the number of cars and tourists is increasing every year. With each month that passes an additional 600 four- and two-wheel vehicles start driving on Macau’s roads.

“I feel the transport problem has reached a dead end. (…) There is no way to resolve it,” said Rosario who gave assurances, nonetheless that he would seek solutions during his five-year terms of office.

One solution involves this year opening earlier a new vehicle inspection centre, with more stringent rules, and vehicles that are not approved will no longer be able to circulate.

From 2017 onwards some solid waste is expected to be transferred , after being separated into categories, to landfills in neighbouring Guangdong province, along with some of the cars that are taken off the roads. (macauhub/CN/MO)