Palace of Justice is “a gift” from China to Guinea-Bissau

19 January 2016

The Palace of Justice of Guinea-Bissau, built and paid for by the Chinese government, is “a gift” to the people of Guinea and its government, the Chinese ambassador in the country said last weekend.

Ambassador Huang Hua, who made the statement during a visit to the new building with the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, Carlos Correia, said the Palace of Justice wouldl benefit the Guinean people and contribute to the strengthening the rule of law in both countries.

The construction of the Palace of Justice, with a floor area of ​​10,000 square metres, was funded by China and its construction contract awarded to the China Jiangsu Construction Corporation, Ltd, a large state-owned company specialised in construction and public works both in China and abroad.

Also as part of bilateral cooperation, Chinese engineers began preparing construction of more than 200 social houses and the installation of a 36-kilometre solar lighting network in Bissau. (macauhb/CN/GW)