China prepares measures to support Macau’s economy

29 January 2016

The director of China’s Liaison Office in Macau, Li Gang said Thursday that the central government in Beijing would continue to promote measures to support Macau’s economy.

Li Gang, China’s highest representative in Macau, said that in 2015 the central government created a structure devoted to the study of support for the development of Macau and that there were a number of measures under discussion that would be announced in due course.

“The next step for Macau will be to establish a proper development plan for coastal waters of 85 square kilometers, studying future landfills, ports and other economic activities” he said.

Li Gang said that the number of tourists that visited Macau in 2015 was “reasonably good” and gave assurances that if there was a significant drop in visitors to China he would take steps to resolve the issue.

Speaking during a reception to mark the Chinese New Year, Li Gang warned, however, of the need for Macau be prepared to face difficulties and challenges as a result of “deep economic adjustments” that will have to take place.

“Mainland China is the engine of economic growth of Macau (…) which will find its proper place in the context of reform and opening up of the nation”, Li Gang also said. (macauhub/CN/MO)