Bank of Cabo Verde rejects sale of Banco Internacional de Cabo Verde

26 February 2016

The Bank of Cabo Verde (BCV) has rejected the purchase of 100 percent of the capital of Banco Internacional de Cabo Verde (BICV) by Groupe Norwich, according to a statement released Thursday in Praia.

The basis for the refusal is “the lack of information” about the group owned by Portuguese businessman Jose Veiga, whom the Bank of Cabo Verde had already denied an application for the establishment of a bank “of a similar nature due to not meeting legal requirements.”

The BCV also explained the decision with the “absence (…) of properly certified financial statements of Groupe Norwich or any information about the financing of the acquisition, especially on the use of capital and the origin of such funds.”

The lack of financial information on António José da Silva Veiga as the “person at the top of the chain of interests” was a major consideration in the decision of the Cape Verdean banking supervisory authority.

Last week the Bank of Portugal announced in a statement it had vetoed the sale of BICV to businessman Jose Veiga following the investigations related to the operation, “with a view to protecting the reputation of Novo Banco.”

The businessman has been in custody since 8 February on suspicion of crimes of corruption, influence peddling and participation in business, among other crimes. (macauhub/CV/ PT)