China is the largest consumer of beef from Brazil

3 March 2016

China became the main destination for beef produced in Brazil, only eight months after the Chinese authorities lifted an embargo after a case of BSE, or “mad cow” disease, in the state of Paraná, Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo reported.

From June 2015, when shipments were resumed, to January 2016 China bought Brazilian beef worth US$517 million. This accounted for 16 percent of total revenue from beef exports, according to data from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

Considering Hong Kong’s purchases, which reached US$389 million, in the last eight months China imported beef from Brazil worth US$906 million, or 28 percent of total exports.

Exports to Hong Kong fell 44 percent in 2015, due to the ability to export directly to China, but the administrative region remains the third largest importer of Brazilian beef, with Egypt in second place. (macauhub/BR/CN)