Chinese citizens continue to lead in obtaining golden visas in Portugal

22 March 2016

In February 97 Chinese citizens received a so-called golden visa under Portugal’s Residence Permit Programme for Investment (ARI), said Monday in Lisbon the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF).

In addition to the Chinese citizens golden visas were granted to 13 people from Brazil, five from Russia, two from South Africa, two from Lebanon and 25 from other countries. 136 of the 144 visas were granted in return for investments in property.

The 144 foreign nationals who were entitled to golden visas in the second month of the year invested 89.3 million euros in Portugal, of which 81.2 million or 91 percent of the total was used to buy housing.

In January, the Portuguese authorities awarded 65 golden visas in return for investments of 38.5 million euros, of which 93 percent was applied to the real estate sector.

China continues to dominate by nationalities, with 2248 ARI, followed by Brazil (110), Russia (99), South Africa (75) and Lebanon (44).

Since the scheme was launched in October 2012, 2,997 residence permits have been granted, totaling an investment of 1.821 billion euros, of which 1,645 billion (more than 90 percent of the total) were used to purchase real estate and 176.3 million euros were capital transfers. (macauhub/BR/CN/EN)