Combined cycle power plant project in Soyo, Angola, expected to cost US$900 million

23 March 2016

The Combined Cycle Power Plant project in Soyo, Angola, will cost an estimated US$900 million and the natural gas-fired is expected to start operating in 2017, said Angola’s Minister for Energy and Water.

This project includes several substations and transmission lines and will produce 750 megawatts of electricity, which will be able to supply much of the country’s energy needs, whether household or industrial.

Minister João Baptista Borges, who Monday visited the high voltage and very high voltage substations in the city of Nzeto (Zaire province), of Capari and Catete, both in Luanda, said that the substations would be completed by the end the first half of 2016.

The Nzeto substation Nzeto, said the minister cited by Angolan news agency Angop, is the main one and will receive the transmission lines from Soyo. One of these is a 400 kilovolt line for Luanda, one is 220 kilovolts to provide power to Mbanza Congo, Nóqui Tomboco and Cuimba and another is a 60 kilovolt line to Nzeto.

A combined cycle power plant is a power plant where thermal energy from fuel is converted into electricity through two thermodynamic cycles: first from burning natural gas and then making use of the steam produced. (macauhub/AO)