Angola wants to be self-sufficient in poultry production

22 April 2016

Angola’s minister for agriculture, Afonso Pedro Canga has called on chicken producers to produce more in order to reduce the existing deficit, according to newspaper Jornal de Angola.

Canga, who was speaking at a meeting with businesspeople, considered that Angola can be self-sufficient in the sector but that the producers have to invest and produce more.

In 2015, the country imported 360,000 tons of chicken, which cost the government US$450 million.

“If, by next year, there is no additional investment in the poultry sector, national coverage will be only at around five per cent,” he said.

The minister said that although Angola has immense potential to achieve self-sufficiency in this sector, the country spends large sums of foreign exchange on importing chicken.

The provinces of Bengo, Kwanza Sul, Benguela and Luanda are those with the highest levels of chicken production, however, this does not cover the needs of the domestic market.

The president of the Angolan Investment Association (AIA), José Severino, said poultry meat must also be produced in the interior of Angola and not just the coastal cities or in areas linked to the coast, because these areas have a larger amount of grains.(macauhub/AO)