Mozambique approves new values ​​of minimum wages

27 April 2016

The government of Mozambique has approved the new values ​​of minimum wages by sector and sub-sector of activity, with the new rates offering increases of between 3.6 percent and 12.5 percent coming into into force with retroactive effect from 1 April, announced the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Vitoria Diogo.

Diogo said at the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers that agriculture, livestock, hunting and forestry benefit from an increase of 3.6% percent raising the minimum wage from the previous 3183.00 to 3298.00 meticais.

The manufacturing industry as a whole has earned a raise of 8 percent, or 5,200.00 meticais, against a previous minimum of 4,815.00 and the power production and distribution and the gas and water sector receiving an increase of 11.75 percent.

Non-financial services sector wages increase by 8 percent to a minimum of 5,050.00 against the previous 4676.00 meticais and for financial services the increase in the minimum wage ranges from 8.70 percent to 8,750 meticais in the bank and insurance sub-sector and and 7.79 percent to 8,400 meticais in the microfinance, micro insurance and other auxilliary financial activities sector.

Workers in public administration, defence and security will see the minimum wage increase 7.0 percent and higher earners will receive an increase of 4 percent, according to the Minister of State Administration and the Civil Service, Carmelita Namashulua. (macauhub/MZ)