China still interested in building Trans-oceanic railway in South America

28 April 2016

Representatives of various companies from Brazil and Peru attended a regional integration meeting focused on the Chinese government’s project to build a railway linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, reported Chinese TV station CCTV.

Held in a city in the west of Brazil, the meeting, similarly to previous ones, was intended to gather information to carry out an economic feasibility study, said CCTV.

The manager of the Brazilian subsidiary of China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Company, Hou Honglin said, “The project’s promoters in Brazil and Peru are providing recommendations that will help us improve our report.”

This railway, known in Brazil as the Trans-oceanic Highway, will be over 5,000 kilometres long, cross the Amazon and the Andes where it will reach an altitude of over 2,500 metres above sea level and has an estimated cost of US$50 billion. The cost should be better defined when the preliminary economic feasibility study is completed, which should happen in May.

The Trans-oceanic Highway will decrease transportation time of goods and prevent raw materials from South America having to go through the Panama Canal, from where they currently take about 30 days to reach China. (macauhub/BR/CN)