Cabo Verde government announces audit of flagship airline

4 May 2016

Cape Verdean flagship airline Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV) will be subject to a technical and financial audit, announced Tuesday in Praia the Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) Economy Minister José Gonçalves, as he presented the new members of the board.

The audit aims to determine with the utmost urgency “the real economic and financial situation of the company, since the data presented does not inspire confidence and reliability in the figures and scenarios presented,” the minister said, cited by Portuguese news agency Lusa.

Recently released figures show that since 2012 TACV has accumulated debt of over 1.2 billion escudos (about 10 million euros), costing the Cape Verdean state 100 million escudos per month just to stay in operation, according to the minister.

José Luís Sá Nogueira, an economist and the airline’s delegate in Brazil since 2009 is the man who will replace João Pereira Silva as chairman of the board of the flagship company, and the two remaining members of the board are economist Armindo Sousa and Captain Mario S. Barbosa, director of flight operations since 2013. (macauhub/CV)