Access to tourist attractions in Angola will be taxed

18 May 2016

The government of Angola plans to levy a tax on access to major tourist attractions in the country, said Tuesday in Luanda the minister of Hotels and Tourism, Paulino Baptista, speaking to Angolan public radio.

The minister, who did not give dates for the tax to start being charged, also said that the measure had been approved by the economic committee of the Council of Ministers.

Baptista added that as part of the announced measure there are plans to study the municipalities in the country that have the most tourist attractions in order to provide services to support tourism.

The seven natural wonders of Angola were announced in May 2014 and include the Tundavala gap and Kalandula Falls, two of the most internationally known tourist attractions in Angola, in the provinces of Huila and Malanje, respectively.

The Kalandula Falls is the post-independence name given to the Duke of Braganza Falls, as they were called in the colonial period and which are, after Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the second largest falls in Africa.

The remaining five wonders are the forest of Mayombe in Cabinda, the Nzenzo caves, in Uige, the Carumbo lagoon in Lunda Norte, Mount Moco, in Huambo and the River Chiumbe falls in Lunda Sul. (macauhub/AO)