Angolan company invests US$101 million in milling unit

30 May 2016

The Technical Unit for Private Investment (UTIP) of Angola has signed two contracts, one of which, worth US$101 million, intends to produce wheat flour, reported the Angolan press.

This project of greater value involves the company Grandes Moagens de Angola, which plans to build a factory in the Luanda area for wheat milling and storage silos. The investment will be channeled into contruction of facilities as well as acquiring equipment and machinery.

This investment is part of the government programme aimed at increasing domestic production, with a view to replacing imports with local production, which in 2015 totalled over US$500 million for wheat flour imports.

The chief executive of Grandes Moagens de Angola, César Rasgado, said that initially the raw material will be imported from the United States, France, Germany, Kazakhstan and Australia, and is expected to produce 1,200 tons of flour per day.

The second contract, worth US$11 million, is related to bottling of mineral water. The chief executive of mineral water company Água de Nascente Natural Preciosa, Valdemar Ribeiro, said that “it should now be easier to import raw material in order to increase production.”

The factory has a bottling capacity of 50,000 litres of water per hour, but faces difficulties in this task due to a lack of labels, bottle tops and plastic, which have forced the company to reduce the work period.

Água de Nascente Natural Preciosa, besides producing for the southern region of Angola, is exporting on a trial basis, to Zambia, Namibia and Botswana, and acceptance had been very good, according to the CEO. (macauhub/AO)