Angola awards contracts to companies from China

31 May 2016

The Angolan government has awarded to 23 contracts to Chinese companies to be financed using the credit line opened by China for Angola, according to presidential decrees published in the official gazette.

These contracts are for water supply networks and road repairs, to be carried out in the provinces of Bengo, Bié, Huambo, Namibe, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Malanje and Uige and have an overall cost of US$550 million.

The 23 projects now approved, 15 of which for the construction of new water supply systems and the remaining eight for the repair of roads and secondary and tertiary roads, total more than 10 percent of the Chinese credit line.

For example, the China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation was contracted to repair the Catchiungo/Chinhama road in Huambo, for US$58.4 million and to build a water supply system for the city of Cuito for US$39.2 million.

China’s credit line will be used to finance 155 public projects with US$5.2 billion, carried out by 37 Chinese companies “recommended to the Angolan market” according to the operational plan drawn up by the Angolan government.

The nine sectors that will be covered by the credit line’s operational plan include energy and water, with 34 projects and US$2.174 billion, and construction, including road repairs, with 33 projects and a total of US$1.644 billion. (macahub/AO/CN)