Macau can help Chinese companies to expand in Portuguese-speaking countries

3 June 2016

Macau can support Chinese companies that want to expand business in the Portuguese-speaking countries and markets throughout the “One Belt, One Road,”, strategy said Thursday the president of the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM).

Jackson Cheong also said that Macau can make use of its advantages to help the countries that are part of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy by providing cooperation services between the industrial and financial sectors and characteristic financial services as well as by assisting the companies from inland China to enter world and Portuguese-speaking markets.

Cheong was speaking at the opening session of the 7th International Forum on Investment and Construction of Infrastructure organised jointly by the Association of International Building Contractors of China (CHINCA) and the IPIM.

With the theme “Innovative Cooperation between the Industrial and Financial Sectors as a Driving Force for Infrastructure Development”, this forum analyses issues related to construction of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy and the opportunities brought about by innovative cooperation between the industrial and financial sectors for international infrastructure.

The nine provinces of the Great Pearl River Delta were invited to participate, with a view to coordinating an in-depth regional cooperation strategy, adding Macau’s “One Centre, One Platform” strategy to its aims, thus seeking to promote diversification of the economy and growth of emerging industries, especially the exhibitions and conventions industry and the financial sector.

The president of the China Association of International Civil Constructors, Fang Qiuchen, referred to the size of forum, which for this edition was attended by about 50 leaders on a vice-ministerial level or higher from more than 30 countries and regions, and over 20 international financial institutions.

The forum ends Friday, with the hosting of nine parallel forums and thematic activities on new means of cooperation between the industrial and financial sectors and planning of investment structures for public-private partnerships. (macauhub/CN/MO)