China becomes largest buyer of beef from Brazil

6 June 2016

In May China became the world’s largest buyer of beef from Brazil after buying 20,280 tons for US$84.3 million, according to the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporters (Abiec).

Overall, Brazilian companies exported 100,980 tons of beef, generating revenues of US$398 million, 17.4 percent more compared with April, with Egypt in second place with 17,300 tons and then Hong Kong with 15,000 tons.

In May 2015 Brazilian companies exported 85,000 tons of beef, so the figure for this year represents an annual increase of 18.8 percent.

In addition to beef, pork – US$113 million in value and an annual increase of 3.1 percent – and chicken – US$530 million and an increase of 2 percent – helped improve the balance of trade and were sold to China. (macahub/BR/CN)