Diamond prospecting in Angola extends to Malanje province

17 June 2016

Diamond prospecting in Angola will be extended to Malanje province, on a semi-industrial basis, with the artisanal mining cooperatives authorised to explore over 410 square kilometres, according to authorisations from the Ministry of Geology and Mining.

The first authorisation was granted to the MIlanda Kunda cooperative, involving the semi-industrial exploration of diamonds in an area of 30 square kilometres, in the Kunda Dia-Base municipality. The second authorisation covers 224 square kilometres and was granted to the Cambo Sungingi cooperative in the Kaombo municipality.

The third concession was granted to the Kabuto cooperative, in the Xandel municipality, for an area of 160 square kilometres.

The authorisations also specify that “technical data” suggests “that the aims of integrating the artisanal miners can be achieved in an effective way through semi-industrial production combined with artisanal production.”

These concessions are valid for 12 months and may be extended for a further four years. The cooperatives are required to provide technical and economic reports to the national diamond concessionaire, Empresa Nacional de Diamantes de Angola (Endiama), about the activities carried out, according to the authorisations signed by Minister Francisco Queiroz. (Macauhub/AO)