Mozambique’s Attorney-General plans to clarify issue of public debt

24 June 2016

The Attorney General of the Republic of Mozambique will endeavour to clarify the issue of national public debt and, in if any is found to be illegal, the offenders will be made responsible, the country’s Attorney-General said in parliament Thursday.

Beatriz Buchili said two cases had been opened with a view to clarifying the legality of the guarantees issued by the State, one of which to Mozambican tuna company Ematum and another to the ProÍndicus and Mozambique Asset Management companies, as there is evidence of irregularities in setting up, financing and operating those companies.

She added that due to the complexity of the matter and the involvement of foreign entities several actions are underway, including activation of international cooperation mechanisms, in order to obtain information held by banks, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Buchili said that according to the case documents those companies were registered with the Private Registry of the Ministry of Finance, in 2013 and 2014 and the first was ProÍndicus, followed by Ematum and finally Mozambique Asset Management.

“Ongoing efforts include hearing from specific people and gathering all information related to the legality of the establishment of the three companies, the destination of the values ​​of the debts, the damage caused to the State and the consequent determination of criminal, civil and administrative liability,” Buchili explained. (macauhub/MZ)