Government of Mozambique regulates import of equipment for cement plants

29 June 2016

The import of second hand equipment for the cement industry in Mozambique is now subject to restrictions under a regulation recently approved by the government, said the national director of Industry.

Mateus Matusse also told newspaper Notícias that the measure approved by the government seeks to prevent Mozambique becoming a deposit for equipment considered obsolete.

To this end, the Regulation sets an age from which the second-hand equipment cannot be accepted in the country.

Matusse said that in order to protect the domestic market, the government had also made it mandatory from 2017 for cement plants to have their own laboratories for quality assessment before submitting the product to independent certification.

He added that the certification requirement also covers imported cement, whose packaging should now indicate the entity that packed the product and the entity that imported it. An institution recognised by the Mozambique Institute for National Standards and Quality must also issue the quality certificate for the cement. (macauhub/MZ)