Female entrepreneurs from Portuguese-speaking countries set up federation

5 July 2016

Mozambican entrepreneur and managing director of Intelec Holdings, Maria Assunção Abdula, has been elected as the first president of the Federation of Business Women and Entrepreneurs of the CPLP (FME-CPLP), which was recently established in Lisbon, Portugal.
The founding general meeting of the federation was held on 29 June in the Portuguese capital. The foundation’s board and its vice presidents are made up of female representatives from each of the nations of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).

In a statement, the Federation said it intends to bring together women from the nine countries with Portuguese as an official language and is mainly focused on generating business value and affirming women’s capabilities in the various sectors of the economy.

The FME-CPLP is also much focused on the creation and dissemination of corporate funding programmes that help women expand their business or create one from scratch, the statement said.  (macauhub/AO/BR/CV/GQ/GW/MZ/PT/ST/TL)