Angola plans to build ports in the provinces of Cabinda and Zaire

18 July 2016

The government of Angola plans to spend over US$1.329 billion on three projects for construction of port infrastructure in the provinces of Cabinda and Zaire, according to a presidential order.

In the document, the President authorises the Minister of Planning and Territorial Development to include these works in the Public Investment Programme (PIP) for 2016 and the Minister of Finance also to register the projects in this year’s State Budget (OGE).

The projects in question are for the construction of the deep-water port of Caius, already underway and expects to receive the first ships at the end of 2017, and the ferry terminal and Cabinda Land, both in that enclave, which has no connection by land to the rest of the territory of Angola.

The third project involves the contract for the construction and equipping of the Soyo Land and River Terminal, in northern Zaire province (on the coast and the nearest town to Cabinda), according to the order cited Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The province of Cabinda will receive two new ferries ordered by the central government, under construction in Dutch shipyards, to strengthen maritime links to the rest of the country. (macauhub/AO)