Japan finances bridge construction in Mozambique

21 July 2016

Japan donated an additional US$12 million to Mozambique to accelerate the construction of 13 bridges on the Ile to Cuamba road, connecting the provinces of Zambezia and Niassa, under an agreement signed Wednesday in Maputo.

Construction of the bridges began in 2014, as part of a project also funded by the Japanese government with US$38 million, but the floods that hit Zambezia province in January 2015, required additional work, the cost of which will be covered by this new donation.

The cost of the project has therefore increased to almost US$50 million and completion of the work, which was originally scheduled for August, was postponed until the end of 2017.

The deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said the donation of nearly US$50 million to Mozambique will contribute to improving the conditions of roads in the Nacala Corridor and allow more movement of people and goods in the region.

Nyeleti Mondlane said construction of the bridges and their roads is one of a number of projects the Japanese government has funded in Mozambique, namely the recovery of the port of Nacala, construction of the Health Sciences Institutes of Nacala and Maputo, and Laboratory for Analysis of Soils and Plants in Nampula province, the latter as part of the Prosavana project.

The Ambassador of Japan, Akira Mizutani said in turn that his country would continue to support Mozambique by offering non-reimbursable financing. (macauhub/MZ)