Angola plans to create new conservation areas for fauna and flora

22 July 2016

The Angolan Ministry of the Environment is considering the creation of landl conservation areas in the Carumbo lagoon (Lunda Norte), Serra do Pingano (Uíge) and Cumbira forest (Kwanza Sul) announced the director of the National Institute of Biodiversity and Conservation Areas (INBAC), Abijah Huongo.

The ministry also plans to create a park between the provinces of Kwanza Norte and Malanje, specifically between the Lauca reservoir and the region of Caculo Kabassa, and another to the north of the Mavinga National Park.

Angola has more than 162,000 square kilometres of protected areas including national and regional parks and nature reserves.

In 2011, the country created the national parks of Mavinga and Luengue/Luiana, both located in the province of Kuando Kubango, and the Mayombe park in Cabinda. (macauhub/AO)