Angola joins convention of World Customs Organisation

10 August 2016

Angola has formalised by parliamentary resolution its accession to the International Convention on Simplification and Harmonisation of Customs Procedures of the International Customs Organisation, which aims to facilitate world trade.

The resolution approving accession to the convention was initially ratified by the Angolan National Assembly in May 2015 but required official publication to take force, which occurred at the end of July.

The resolution’s preamble indicates that the convention’s member states are committed to “ending disparities between customs procedures” along with customs practices that can cause problems for international trade and commerce, reports Lusa news agency.

Each member country is given 36 months to apply the general rules of this convention, which envisages reducing customs controls to a minimum between members, thereby facilitating and simplifying international trade.

The convention was originally adopted on 25 September 1974 in the scope of the then Customs Cooperation Council, which later became the World Customs Organisation. The current version of the convention ratified by Angola took force in 2006. (Macauhub/AO)