Angola maintains position as Africa’s top oil producer in July

12 August 2016

For the fifth straight month Angola was Africa’s top oil producer, with 1.782 million barrels per day, surpassing Nigeria, where production was 1.508 million barrels per day, the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries has informed.

Those two figures are based on secondary sources, according to OPEC’s monthly oil market report, and indicate that the countries have seen their respective production fall in monthly terms by 3,800 barrels per day for Angola and 41,300 barrels per day for Nigeria.

Based on direct communication, OPEC informed that Angolan production stood at 1.761 million barrels per day, up 8,600 barrels per day and that Nigeria had seen a monthly increase of 147,400 barrels per day to production of 1.527 million barrels per day.

The International Energy Agency indicated in a recent report that only disorganisation, political instability, petroleum theft, problems controlling armed groups and successive postponements of the new petroleum law prevented Nigeria from resuming its first place position in African oil production.

Angolan oil production in the first half-year recorded an average of 1.773 million barrels per day. (Macauhub/AO)