Chinese businesspeople plan to organise trade fair in Guinea-Bissau

17 August 2016

A Chinese business delegation currently visiting Guinea-Bissau said on Tuesday it intended to organise a trade fair involving companies from both countries, according to the delegation’s spokeswoman.

The intention was expressed by Jessica Zhao, spokeswoman for the delegation during a meeting with the Mayor of Bissau (CMB), Adriano Ferreira.

Zhao said the entrepreneurs had travelled to Bissau to gather information on agricultural potential and other resources that the country has and find business opportunities in the Guinean market.

“In the second phase of this mission a forum will be created for exchange between some commercial agents from the two countries in order to organise the trade fair immediately afterwards,” she said.

The delegation members promised once they return to China, to disclose the information collected about the potential of Guinea-Bissau to other Chinese companies that may invest in Guinea-Bissau.

The Mayor of Bissau, Adriano Ferreira, supported the idea and said that agro-industry and construction of social housing are the areas in which Chinese companies can have a role to play both in Bissau and elsewhere in the country. (macauhub/CN/GW)