Mozambique’s economic situation does not affect Maputo International Fair

18 August 2016

Economic instability in Mozambique is expected to have no impact on the results of this year’s Maputo International Fair (Facim), the president of the event’s organizing body, the Institute for Export Promotion (Ipex) has said.

Macaringue acknowledged that the current economic and political environment could disrupt the 52nd edition of the Maputo International Fair (Facim), but noted that the number of exhibitors confirmations showed the exact opposite.

Facim 2016 opens to the public on 29 August, with the official inauguration held on 1 September.

The President of Ipex also said that 98% of the available space, 53,650 square metres compared to 47,000 square metres in 2015, is already filled at the exhibition this year.

The Maputo International Fair will be held this year from 19 August to 4 September under the theme of “Promoting economic links with potential for export.” (macauhub/MZ)