Municipalities will be strategic partners in promoting Cabo Verde

29 August 2016

The new president of Cabo Verde TradeInvest, Ana Lima Barber, said municipalities are “strategic partners to promote the new image of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) abroad” speaking recently at the inaugural session of TradeInvest’s board.

Charting a scenario where the State’s domestic saving “is currently below 10% of GDP, domestic demand is much higher than what we produce, the external deficit is around 35% of GDP,” among other unfavourable aspects, Lima Barber said financing of the economy was the economy’s main challenge.

“To win you need to produce, export, significantly improve tourism results, attract foreign investment, place the country within the Europe-America-Africa axis without forgetting the emerging economies,” she noted, according to local newspaper Correio das Ilhas.

Ana Lima Barber, Nuno Levy and Luis Aguiar were sworn in as the new board of Cabo Verde TradeInvest, the agency replacing the Cabo Verde Investimentos to attract investments to the country and increase exports of domestic goods and services.

The new president has a degree in law and a postgraduate degree in Business Management, and she has represented a number of European and African companies in new investments in the African, European and Middle Eastern market.

Finance Minister Olavo Correia, said “Cabo Verde has no alternative but to grow and for that to happen we cannot continue to use the same model, of a country anchored in overseas development aid” and recommended a new economic model based on knowledge and innovation. (macauhub/CV)