Portuguese-speaking countries present at the 52nd edition of the Maputo International Fair

The president of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (EC-CPLP), Salimo Abdula, said the 52nd edition of the Maputo International Fair (Facim) will be an opportunity to show that Mozambique plans to replace imports with exports.

Abdula gave assurances that Facim Moçambique is another opportunity to receive new technologies from different parts of the world, but especially to showcase available resources, which when they are explored, worked and processed in a sustainable way can generate employment and economic growth.

For all these reasons, the President of EC-CPLP said he hoped for a strong participation of the members of the confederation, particularly those from Angola, Portugal and Brazil, and a smaller delegation from Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), which plan to invest more in this fair from now on.

The EC-CPLP Exporters Union will have its own pavilion, where it will host meetings between companies of the associated countries as well as “others who want to invest in one of the nine member countries and where there will be a themed room for each of the nine.

According to the president of the Business Confederation doing business in Portuguese is not just a slogan, but is also worth money because the language, communication, according to the results of several studies, represents a cost of about 17% to small and medium business (SMEs).

“Without downplaying other opportunities from other countries who speak other languages ​​we should embrace this market because doing business in the language we speak is much easier and faster,” he noted.

He added that the EC-CPLP recently created a nucleus of Portuguese-speaking African Countries (PALOP) whose coordination fell to Angola and which will hold its first meeting in Maputo to outline what will be its strategy within the CPLP. (macauhub/AO/BR/CV/MZ/PT)