Government of Mozambique plans to ban export of logs

1 September 2016

The government of Mozambique plans to ban the export of wood logs, regardless of the type of tree they come from, said the national director for Forestry of the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development.

Xavier Sakambuera told Mozambican newspaper Notícias that a bill to this effect had already been drafted by the government and delivered to parliament for debate and vote.

A total ban on timber log exports, according to the newspaper, means customs inspectors no longer have to determine what kind of wood is being exported, given that according to the current law the most valuable species have to be processed in the country.

Estimates indicate that Mozambique has been losing 220,000 hectares of forest per year, from tree felling as well as forest fires related to slash and burn agriculture in Mozambique.

Sakambuera also told Noticias that the government expects the new law to reduce illegal logging and foster creation of more jobs in the wood processing industry. (macauhub/MZ)