Funding from China waits for Guinea-Bissau to define projects

5 September 2016

The Ambassador of Guinea-Bissau in China, Malam Sambu said in Bissau on Sunday the Chinese government had provided 82 million yuan (US$12.3 million) in funding and it was now up to the Guinean government to define to which projects the money will be applied.

The diplomat, speaking to Macauhub at the end of the Fourth Conference of Guinea-Bissau Ambassadors recalled the Chinese government had provided the aid to the Portuguese-speaking African country as part of Macau Forum, and its payment, which had already begun, was waiting only for the presentation of economically viable projects.

Without specifying dates, Sambu said China would finance a social housing project under construction in Guinea-Bissau.

The ambassador noted China was also funding 16 scholarships for Guinean students to study in higher education and that among the Portuguese-speaking African countries Guinea-Bissau had benefited most from short term scholarships offered by China as part of Macau Forum.

The diplomat also said there were Chinese companies seeking to invest in Guinea-Bissau, in sectors such as agriculture and agribusiness, fisheries and tourism.

For example, Sambu said China intends to carry out a project that will revolutionise the Biombo region in northern Guinea-Bissau, with the construction of a port, schools, roads and hospitals in order to transform the area into a duty-free area.

China plans, according to the ambassador’s statements to Macauhub, to starting work in October, and is now waiting for the Guinean government to make a number of legislative changes, in particular those relating to the creation of free zones.

The diplomat said Chinese fisheries company Conapemac, a subsidiary of the China National Fisheries Corporation (CNFC), which has fished in Guinea-Bissau waters for many years, plans to acquire land to build a fish processing plant. (macauhub/CN/GW)