Mozambique will ban export of timber logs from 2017

15 September 2016

Mozambique’s parliament is expected in the coming months to approve a government proposal to ban the export of all kinds of wooden logs from 2017.

The National Director of Forestry at the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development, Xavier Sakambuera, said the ban is intended not only to boost local processing of wood but also reduce illegal logging, maintenance of forest species and improvement of environmental quality.

The new rules will also create new jobs in wood processing in Mozambique.

Each year, Mozambique loses between 500 and 670,000 cubic metres of trees representing about 220,000 hectares of forest as a result of illegal logging, fires, shifting cultivation and occupations.

Sakambuera also said that with the ban on the export of logs the government intends to harmonise the price of wood processed in Mozambique.

In 2013 China imported about 90% of the wood exported by Mozambique.

According to Africa Monitor, in 2014 China received about US$400 million in wood from Mozambique. In 2009 it had received wood worth US$90 million. (macauhub/MZ/CN)