Macau annual inflation continues to fall in August

22 September 2016

Annual inflation in Macau in August continued on a downward trend to total 1.65%, or a decrease of 43 basis points against the figure of 2.08% registered in July, reported the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau.

Growth in August was due mainly to the rising price of car park leases, the prices of meals bought outside the home, the costs of building management services and car prices.

In August, instead of inflation there was deflation, with the consumer price index to falling 23 basis points against the value of the index a month before.

The price indices of the categories of clothing and footwear and housing and fuels fell 2.63% and 0.34% in monthly terms due to seasonal sales of clothing and footwear, the fall in house rents and prices of liquefied petroleum gas.

The inflation rate as measured by the index of the 12 months ending in August against the immediately preceding 12 months increased by 3.20%, the lowest for the past six years. (macauhub/MO)