China extends support for agricultural production in Guinea-Bissau

5 October 2016

China’s support for agricultural production in Guinea-Bissau will soon be extended from Bafatá to other regions of the country, the Chinese ambassador to Guinea-Bissau, Wang Hua announced recently.

The ambassador was speaking at the end of a reception that was attended by the Guinea-Bissau authorities, the diplomatic corps and other guests to mark the sixty-seventh anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China on 1 October 1949.

Wang Hua said China, as well as providing technical assistance, is promoting training of Guinean farmers, and recalled that some young people are currently receiving agricultural training in Hunan province to improve rice production techniques once they return.

The diplomat also noted China had offered improved seeds to increase the production and agricultural yield of Guinea-Bissau and hoped that this offer would contribute to improving the food security of Guineans.

The ambassador also recalled that recently the two countries had signed a three-year technical assistance cooperation agreement and whose budget will be broadly supported by China.

Wang Hua noted that the first phase of a solar lighting project was underway in Guinea-Bissau, involving placing lampposts on the major streets and neighbourhoods of Bissau and said the next project, which will begin as soon as the first one has ended, will cover cities in the country’s interior.

Wang Hua pledged that the People’s Republic of China would provide the city of Bissau with a 300-metre floating dock to give fisherman easier access.

The diplomat mentioned other projects that his country plans to carry out in Guinea-Bissau, including construction of highways, execution of which is still under discussion between the countries.

As part of Chinese private investment in Guinea-Bissau, Wang Hua said the Chinese businesspeople were now waiting for Guinea to create a stable climate and define a “friendly” policy so that investment can begin. (macauhub)