Macau Forum and “One Belt, One Road” strategy have similar objectives

11 October 2016

The aim of the Macau Forum and the logic behind the “One Belt, One Road” strategy are similar, the head of the Macau government, Chui Sai On said on Monday.

Chui stated that the countries participating in both initiatives can take advantage of opportunities to deepen their relationship and develop a peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The head of the Macau government said that since the first edition of the Ministerial Conference of Forum Macau participating countries had always based their activities, in terms of Action Plans signed on various issues, on the principles of equality and mutual benefits, complementarity of advantages and multiplicity of forms of cooperation.

“The Forum Macau service platform has increasingly showed itself to be pragmatic and efficient, playing an irreplaceable role,” Chui said.

He indicated that the “One Belt, One Road” strategy implemented by China deserves international recognition, taking into account that the country created this cooperation and sharing platform for the benefit of people spread along its route.

The chief executive added that this year and alongside the development strategy of the Thirteenth National Five-Year Plan had developed the first “Five-Year Development Plan,” whose priorities include Macau’s participation in the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy and construction of the “Service Platform for Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries.”(macauhub)