Portugal and China should promote triangular cooperation, Portuguese PM says

Portugal and China must join “forces” to promote triangular cooperation with other Portuguese-speaking countries in sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure and education, the Prime Minister of Portugal proposed on Tuesday in Macau.

António Costa spoke at the opening ceremony of the 5th Ministerial Conference of the Macau Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries, whose inaugural session speech was given by Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

“In addition to bilateral cooperation between China and Portugal, there is mutual readiness for triangular cooperation in the Portuguese-speaking world,” said the Portuguese Prime Minister.

Costa noted that Portugal is available to develop triangular cooperation projects with China in other regions, where both countries can benefit from synergies between different economic operators.

The Prime Minister specified that triangular cooperation could cover the areas of agriculture, education, environmental protection, infrastructure and renewable energy.

“By joining the forces, of Portugal and China, of Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries, we can do more together than would be possible separately,” explained Costa, reinforcing the idea that Macau should remain as a platform for connection between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Previously, China’s prime minister had called for the same strategy, giving as an example the success achieved by Chinese companies that have entered other markets with Portugal. (macauhub)