Israeli company manages agricultural project in Angola

14 October 2016

The Tahal Group International BV, in partnership with Angolan company ZRB, will run an agricultural development project in Angola for a period of seven years, under a contract signed with Gesterra – Gestão de Terras Aráveis a public limited company with public capital, the Israeli company said in a statement.

The contract worth US$370 million, valid for seven years with a possible extension for another five, aims to achieve an annual output of 60,000 tonnes of agricultural products that will be sold in the domestic market and should provide an annual turnover of US$52 million.

Under the contract, Tahal and ZRB will be responsible for providing the necessary equipment for the development of the Kimina project, located about 70 kilometres east of Luanda, according to the Israeli cooperative model known as “Moshav.”

The project, whose facilities were built over a number of years under another contract by Tahal with the government of Angola, already has 300 homes and private farms of one hectare each, as well as an agricultural and logistics centre for processing and packaging agricultural products, aviaries for the production of at least 24 million eggs per year and related facilities. (macauhub)