Universities support the Portuguese language in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

3 November 2016

Portuguese universities will support Portuguese language teaching at the University of Yangzhou, a city in China’s Jiangsu Province, according to the Union of Portuguese Speaking Capital Cities (UCCLA).

A delegation from UCCLA from 20 to 28 October visited Macau and three cities in Jiangsu at the invitation of the provincial government, with the provincial authorities and the Changzhou city supporting the UCCLA’s intention to open an office in Yangzhou, Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries cooperation park, which will be located in that municipality.

According to a statement, the office is intended to facilitate business partnerships and boost cultural activities within the framework of Macau as a platform for Portuguese-speaking countries and cities.

The delegation members took part in the 6th Summit for Commercial and Industrial Development of Jiangsu Province, Macau and Portuguese-speaking Countries, held in Macau and the 3rd Joint Meeting for University Cooperation between Jiangsu, Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries, in Yangzhou.

The Chinese city of Changzhou will host the Jiangsu-Macau cooperation park, under a memorandum signed in October by the Chief Executive of Macau, Chui Sai On and the governor of Jiangsu Province, Shi Taifeng.

Changzhou, in Jiangsu Province along the Yangtze River and about 150 kilometres from Shanghai and Nanjing, already has innovation parks built under China’s cooperation with Israel and Germany.

The province of Jiangsu, the capital of which is Nanjing, has a population of 80 million and is the second province in China to contribute most to the country’s GDP. (macauhub)