Westfalia Fruit of Mozambique starts exporting avocados to Europe

10 November 2016

Between December and the beginning of January Mozambique’s Westfalia Fruit will start exporting avocados and lychees produced in the districts of Macata and Barue, in Manica province, to the European Union (EU), said a company consultant.

Consultant Manuel Roriz told daily newspaper Noticias that everything is being done for the first export operation to the EU to happen on schedule.

Westfalia Fruit’s operation in Manica province, which has funding from the World Bank, provides for an annual production of 100,000 tonnes, with 75% of production destined for foreign markets and the remaining 25% to meet domestic demand.

The avocado project began in 2014, and over 53,000 trees have already been planted in 132 hectares of a total of 2,914 earmarked in the concession.

The lychee project, which is expected to use an area of 250 hectares, is due to begin in 2017 and the company is currently gathering together production resources.

The product intended for export will be sent to EU countries with which Westfalia Fruit has had trade relations for 40 years, as well as African countries, such as Mauritius and in South American countries such as Peru and Colombia. (macauhub)