Brazil and China partner to develop e-commerce

22 November 2016

Zimp (, a Brazilian consumer loyalty programme has set upa partnership with Weibo, a Chinese social network, through YouXing, which represents the network in Brazil, to develop e-commerce in both countries, the Brazilian press reported.

Under the partnership the Zimp platform can operate in the Chinese market through Weibo, which means that Brazilian brands associated with Zimp may sell to Chinese customers and Chinese brands will start operating on the Zimp platform, thus gaining access to the Brazilian market.

The partnership between Zimp and Weibo was brokered by YouXing, a company that specialises in putting together partnership projects between Chinese and Brazilian companies.

YouXing was requested by Weibo to find Brazilian partners for two-way e-commerce projects and selected Zimp, when the platform was still under development.

Julia Canalini, executive chairman of Zimp said that Weibo was impressed with her team’s expertise and saw Zimp as the ideal partner to develop the customer loyalty market in China, which currently is still very small.”

Zimp, which was founded by entrepreneurs Julia Canalini, Sergio Keller, Luan Muniz Teixeira and Manoel Damasceno, is a programme that allows members to accumulate points earned on purchases through Brazil’s main online stores and also redeem the points, without them losing validity. (macauhub)