Government of Mozambique regulates labour relations for contract work

30 November 2016

Mozambique’s new Regulations for Labour in Contract Work, among other innovations, introduces signing contract for uncertain periods, considered to be employment contracts for an indefinite period, the Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security said on Tuesday in Maputo.

Minister Victoria Diogo said after the cabinet meeting that contracts for an uncertain period allow the contractual relationship between the contractor and the worker to cease by expiry both during the execution of a project or at its end, which legally exempts the contractor from paying compensation.

The newly approved regulation, which will govern labour relations between construction contractors and similar employers and their employees, stipulates the responsibility of the main contractor in situations where there are several sub-contractors to perform the work, according to the minister quoted by Mozambican news agency AIM.

“In this case, it is difficult to identify the entity responsible in the event of a problem, such as industrial accidents or occupational diseases, because there are different actors working in the same space, the regulation gives the responsibility to the main contractor,” said Diogo.

The minister stressed that this regulation will do away with many labour disputes, and noted she believes it will lead to working in a more stable atmosphere, ensuring and contributing to increased production and productivity. (macauhub)