City of Mbanza Congo, Angola, to improve electricity supply in 2017

19 December 2016

The city of Mbanza Congo, northern Zaire province, will start to be supplied with electricity from the national grid and the combined cycle gas combined cycle under construction in Soyo district from 2017, announced the provincial director of the Empresa Nacional de Distribuição de Electricidade (ENDE).

Pedro Estevão Buca said ENDE, as well as the construction of an electric substation in the town of Tuku, is implementing a series of works for the placement of new power transformer stations as well as to recover the medium and low voltage network.

Among the actions to be implemented in the short and medium term, the director of ENDE noted the installation in the city of Mbanza Congo, of 90 new power transformer stations with an expected 20,000 links, work on which will be carried out by a Spanish company.

These and other projects in the pipeline are intended to prepare the city of Mbanza Congo for receiving electric power to be produced by the combined cycle power plant in Soyo, from next year, as well as power from the national grid.

The city of Mbanza Congo, with a population of 155,000 people, is currently supplied with electricity by the Kianganga power station, benefiting just over nine customers. (macauhub)